Tired of trying all diets and failing to lose weight?

Obtain access to a unique program where the goal is to lose weight while continuing to eat your favorite foods.

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You've probably been trying to lose weight for years. and despite all this, the results are not there because ...

You give up too quickly or you start all over again.

I know what you are thinking

And despite all this, nothing happens … while it works for everyone around you

"If you don't see yourself sticking to what you're doing for the long haul, then you're probably on the wrong track"

Alexandre, fondateur de smart body
This is what we have learned after 4 years of supporting more than 2,000 people (and helping more than 15,000 people with our advice)

What not all diets tell you is that you don’t need to train 6 times a week and eat 800 kcal per day to lose weight (which is the calorie intake of a child under 5 years old).

All diets are based on one thing: calorie deficit (but it’s less seller).

And why are these all super restrictive and impossible to hold in the long term ?

"Ok I get it, but they still work after all, right?"

Yes, but at what price ?
So, isn't it better to lose a little slower?

In reality, the solution is simple:

Training : It is absolutely useless to train every day. 3-4 workouts per week should be enough to build muscle and lose fat

A reasonable calorie deficit : Wanting to go too fast is to run the risk of having to do it all again later. Also, why make it harder if you lose out by eating more?

Pleasure and Membership : This is the basis of our program! Being able to have fun a little every day which will allow you to last in the long term.

This is how it looks

Your recipe generator

Including more than 400 recipes, each more delicious than the next

(Value: 40 €)

Ebook – vacation management

To manage your vacation without feeling guilty and without wasting your efforts

(Value: 20 €)

5 examples of eating plans

To vary your daily diet and not get frustrated

(Value: 20 €)

The answer to all your questions by email

A problem ? We answer all your questions by email

(Value: 200 €)

An 8-week program

8-week program combining Cardio, Muscle strengthening and HIIT

(Value: € 97)

Who are we ? :

In a very short time, our team has supported thousands of people suffering from eating disorders or overweight in achieving their goals.

By dint of collecting successes, Smart Body has become a leader in online sports and nutritional coaching.

Today, the goal of Smart Body is simple: Overcome preconceived ideas and help all people who feel bad about themselves to enjoy life while having a physique that they like.

The strength of this team is also His experience . Most coaches have suffered from eating disorders in the past: Anorexia, overeating, obesity… This allows us today, in addition to having the knowledge, to know the sufferings and the problems of each one.

Alexandre – Founder of SMART BODY

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