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In order to offer the most complete service, we offer 3 formulas:

  • Training monitoring
  • Nutrition monitoring
  • Training + nutrition monitoring

This allows us to adapt to each profile. We can thus follow high level athletes in a sport only on the food part.

For the choice of the formula, this will be done during the call that you can book in click here .

Regarding the price, it will depend on the formula and the duration of the coaching. To find out more, we invite you to make an appointment directly on our site by clicking just here .

Of course ! Payment in installments just involves an additional 1%.

We operate on a simple principle: A referent coach is assigned to each person. This is the coach with whom you will communicate.

This coach is chosen according to the preferences you may have towards a coach, his availability but also and above all his area of expertise.

In our team, we have several coaches with different specialties. Some will be better able to treat people suffering from anorexia, others will take care of the physical preparation of high level athletes and others may be specialized in training for people suffering from physical pain (we have a physiotherapist / osteopath and an osteopath in our team).

Then there is a supervisory coach. So all decisions are taken together (except simple decisions). This allows us to have the most complete follow-up on the French market.

The choice of coach is made during the phone call in agreement with the 2 parties. You can book your 100% free call now by click here ( this does not bind you at all).

At Smart Body, we provide full refund if you are not satisfied with our services after 30 days…. But we don’t stop there. We promise to do everything in our power so that you can perform a physical and / or mental transformation as well as a better relationship with food.

You are aware that it does not suit us but we have full confidence in the quality of our services . This is why we offer you this exceptional guarantee .

At any time during the duration of the personalized follow-up, if you realize that this service does not deliver the promises made, as well as the morphological, metabolic and mental results, we will be happy to reimburse you for your initial investment at 100%. The objective of Smart Body Coaching is unanimous: to deliver our promises. And that’s the thing that sets us apart, and to which more than 1,500 people testify.

If you are not satisfied after 30 days, we will not feel legitimate to keep your money , that’s why we put this guarantee in place.

For information, we had more than 1500 clients and no one asked for the refund.

There will be no document to complete, no administration, nothing will be asked of you. The refund will be made within 7 days.

Of course ! The advantage we have is that we are ultra available in our follow-ups. That is to say that unlike health professionals, at no time are you alone.

At the slightest problem, we are available 7 days a week to answer and reassure you.

In view of the results of our clients, we often have better results than some doctors since we spend a lot more time discussing and helping people.

Our knowledge but above all our personal experience and on thousands of students allow us to have incomparable expertise in France on the treatment of eating disorders.

In very serious TCA, additional follow-up with a psychologist may be of interest.

1.You have a call with a member of our team to understand your situation and see if we can help you.

2. You complete the survey about fifty questions to learn more about you.

3.You are planning a compulsory call with your coach. The goal: to get to know each other and deficit the strategy to adopt to achieve your goal.

4.you get your welcome pack in paper and digital format. This includes:

  • Explanatory videos,
  • Pdf,
  • Your recipe generator,
  • Access to the Facebook group and the Smart Body community,

5. We make your personalized program within 7 to 10 days .

6. The follow-up can finally begin with:

  • Access to our Whatsapp 7/7,
  • A weekly report to be reactive on the adaptations to be made.

It is intended for all people who really want to change. Management of eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, overeating), weight loss, food rebalancing, self-confidence …

As long as you have a goal and want us to support you, then we’re here to help.

Obviously, this requires investment and motivation.

Do you feel ready? Book your 100% free call and let’s start the adventure together! Click here to book your call and take stock of your situation with a member of our team.

Smart Body is a premium coaching service, that is to say that we strive to make everything available in order to offer the best coaching experience to our clients.

This requires very advanced tools but also the education of our customers and our availability.

Unlike many coaches, our role is not only to make you do it but also to make you understand why you are doing this.

Health and well-being are also at the heart of our concerns. Obviously, everyone’s goal is to have the most aesthetic appearance possible, but at what cost? Our goal is to allow you to achieve this body without too many restrictions and above all to help you maintain this physique in a sustainable way.

Our application allows us to offer the most complete follow-up possible while remaining very simple for our customers.

Yes, no program is the same. In order to best personalize your programs, there are 3 phases:

  • A first call to let you know, explain your situation and choose the formula that suits you best. You can book here.
  • A questionnaire with around fifty questions to find out about your habits, your problems …
  • A second call to go even further on your profile.

We attach particular importance to the coach / client relationship which is very important to us. The more we know you, the more we can help you.

Yes of course. If at the end of your coaching, you want to extend, you just need to tell us to extend.

It is even possible to do this before the end of the follow-up. This happens very often.

No it is not, but it is always better for us to determine your coach and to choose together the formula that best suits your needs.

If it’s videoconferencing that bothers you, it is possible to do this by phone call, you just have to specify it.

This is possible if you have the training OR nutrition only formula and you want to add the other part in order to have a training + nutrition follow-up.

Otherwise, it is not possible.

Want to go further ?

we offer you a 100% Free call with an expert from our team