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The No. 1 coaching team in France: Obtain a physique that you like without any restrictions thanks to the Smart Body method.


Are you in one of these situations?

We know your problems. This is why we have developed a method that has worked on more than 2000 people.

We help you lose fat in a sustainable way thanks to a method where no food is forbidden.

If you have an eating disorder, it is very difficult to cope on your own. This is why we have developed an extremely effective method based on understanding and exchange.

What you are today does not define you. Regain self-confidence by finding a physique that pleases you.

Much more than sports coaching. Beyond the physical, it’s your whole life that will change.

our mission:

At Smart Body, we have 1 mission: Help people who suffer from eating disorders to get by.

Unfortunately, from more and more people are developing eating disorders.

The reason ? The cult of the perfect physique that we can see on social networks.

But that’s not all, we are increasingly seeing the appearance of coaches who do not take into account the health and expectations of people to have maximum results in a minimum of time.

This results in hyper restrictive diets which lead people to get sick and develop eating disorders.

Besides the physical aspect, our priority is to help these people gain self-confidence and feel fulfilled in their everyday life.

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People Recovered From Eating Behavior Disorders.

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We help you overcome misconceptions

After Thousands Of Transformed People, We understand that it is not just a physical matter but that the goal is to feel good in your body and in your head.

This is why our method is based on such a simple but yet forgotten principle:


The goal is not to force you, but to make you appreciate the process.

Who are we ? :

In a very short time, our team has supported thousands of people suffering from eating disorders or overweight in achieving their goals.

By dint of collecting successes, Smart Body has become a leader in online sports and nutritional coaching.

Today, the goal of Smart Body is simple: Overcome preconceived ideas and help all people who feel bad about themselves to enjoy life while having a physique that they like.

The strength of this team is also His experience . Most coaches have suffered from eating disorders in the past: Anorexia, overeating, obesity… This allows us today, in addition to having the knowledge, to know the sufferings and the problems of each one.

Alex – Founder of SMARTBODYB

Money back guarantee

we provide full refund if you are not satisfied with our services after 30 days …

You are just one click away from your change of life. Join us and achieve your physical goal while not depriving yourself at any point in the process.