Module 1 - the mindset

Before really starting on the technical aspect and the practice, you must absolutely listen to this first module . In this one we tell you about the thing most important for losing weight: The state of mind. You have to be mentally strong if you want to be successful with your weight loss. It is often said that weight loss is often played out on mindset and will , and we agree that this is very important.

We attach great importance to this module. You gotta really take everyone into consideration the advice we will give you and condition you to succeed .

Finally, weight loss is not linear. You will face several walls, some failure , this is not going to evolve as you wish but if you have these 3 things , we can promise you that you will make it happen :

  • The determination ;

  • The knowledge and the method to adapt to you (what we are going to give you);

  • Our support to me, my team but also to the other members of this program.

So we will see :

  • How and why condition oneself to succeed ;

  • How? ‘Or’ What overcome difficulties your weight loss;

  • The “Screwed up for screwed up” ;

  • What to do if you have a “less good” week ;

  • Progress in training in calorie deficit.

Now that you understand the importance of the state of mind and that you are aware that it is of special importance, I want you to make a promise to us: We want you to not give up, EVER, whatever happens!

Simply giving up is not allowed because there is always a solution.

PS: Maybe you won’t and everything will be okay.

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