Module 2 - understanding and implementing the flexible diet

First module where we really get into the subject. In this one, we tell you about the flexible diet. If you are not familiar with the flexible diet, this is simply the diet that we use at Smart Body and which has been shown to be effective on more than 2000 people . There is nothing magical about this, since it is based only on science.

All this is based on the principle of thermogenesis . Any diet is based on one thing: calorie deficit .

In this PDF and in this video, we explain to you how you will be able to eat EVERYTHING you want while losing weight.

We also explain to you how you will be able eating out, drinking alcohol (be careful, we do not recommend it) while losing weight . Magic ? No ! These are just numbers.

You can imagine that there are not only positive points, this will require rigor and regularity if you want results. We like to say that the flexible diet is not about “eating anything” as long as you have to try to eat as healthy as possible and just because you can eat whatever you want doesn’t mean you have to.

In short, we let you discover all of this in this PDF and this video. After this, the flexible diet will not no more secrets for you !

That’s it, you now know everything about the flexible diet. We hope you understood one of the most important things: There are no good or bad foods but only good or bad foods at time T . If you have understood this, we are sure that all will be well for you.

We could however distinguish :

  • Higher calorie foods & lower calorie foods;

  • Raw foods (these are the foods to favor) & industrial foods.

We also want to clarify one thing: When we say you can eat anything, it’s true. But keep in mind that you have to be reasonable and pay attention to the quantities (this is often the real problem). The goal is not to eat as much processed foods as possible while losing weight. Unfortunately, some find it difficult to understand it. Personally, we see the flexible diet like this:

  • She allows us to eat outside : going to a restaurant, seeing my friends, going out in the evening without worrying about “will I lose weight”;

  • It allows us to vary my sources of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and not to stay only on the “rice, chicken, broccoli”

Once again, this is only our vision, it remains personal because our objectives remain: health, aesthetics and performance.

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