Module 3 - Calculate your calorie intake & macronutrients

Calculating your caloric maintenance is essential . It is from this figure that we will be able to lose or gain weight. However, very few people do it right because they are impatient or just don’t know how to do it.

When using a calculator on the internet, we calculate an estimated caloric maintenance, not an actual one. Being all different, no calculator can give us our precise maintenance. So is it useful to use a calculator?

Yes and we explain why in this video. In this one, we will see how, in 4 steps, to calculate a calorie deficit entirely personalized to you :

  • Step 1 : Calculation of estimated caloric maintenance ;

  • 2nd step : Calculation of actual caloric maintenance ;

  • Step 3: Calculation of the calorie deficit ;

  • Step 4: Determining your macronutrients .

For this module, you have a lot of things : A PDF, a video, and 2 Excel spreadsheets. We would like you to download the PDF first. Then, we advise you to watch the document “my calorie calculator” at the same time as the video.

We now have your calorie goal and your macronutrient intake. If you got it right, we will have to go through this testing period. Regarding the tracking table, you can use it or not as we explain in the video. Before moving on to the next module, we want to explain 2 things to you.

First, you must respect your calorie total . We say it again, but the more precise you will be, the more data you have in your hands to be able to adapt even more in this test phase, the better your results will be . Even more so at the beginning, and especially if you are just starting out: take your time and make sure to do things well.

In addition, caloric maintenance, surplus and calorie deficit remain ranges. The goal for us is to eat as much as possible to lose weight. This is also why we can be at its maintenance, calculate a deficit of 10/15% and still not lose weight because we are still within our caloric maintenance range.

This first calculation is only our starting weight. All coaches can help you calculate your calorie maintenance. Successful weight loss depends mainly on good adaptations. We will therefore see how to do this in the next module.