Module 4 - Adaptations - how to adapt?

Your weight loss is very unlikely to be linear . It is possible, and we have already seen it in some of our coaching sessions, but it remains extremely rare. In 90% of cases, you will face a plateau and you will have to adapt .

Before we move on, we want to share with you something that has changed our life: All the variables below can be seen over the week and not over a day ! That is to say, you can compensate for your calorie intake between days, take more steps one day and fewer another day etc … Thus, you will remove all form of stress that could arise on a day when you have unforeseen events.

Obviously, the more regular you are, the better it will be because you will have less weight variations (but we also know that it is not always possible, we all have a life).

At Smart Body, we use 3 variables that will help us: reduce your calorie intake or increase your expenditure . For this, we will play on:

  1. The decrease in calorie intake, in particular through low carbs ;

  2. The increase in your spending, in particular via increase in NEAT ;

  3. The increase in your spending via increased cardio .

Before you let yourself watch the PDF and the video, remember that you don’t have to rush. Be patient and wait before making hasty decisions and making bad choices. As we told you, weight loss is not linear. You may not lose weight for 2 weeks and then lose 1.5 pounds at once.

A lot of weight loss fails because people want to go too fast and quickly fall to extremes, which makes things untenable and therefore, they give up.

If you don’t want to make this mistake, we advise you to trust us and take your time.

Not everyone will have to go to step 2 and 3. More than 3 in 4 people will be able to lose the weight they want to lose by just going through step 1, and that’s good. Why complicate your life when you can keep it simple?

What is certain is that we are not all equal on adaptations and that some people will have more to adapt and than others. Some people will also need to make more sacrifices than others , hence the importance of having a good state of mind.

Before moving on to the next module: Are you sure you are counting everything? Some studies show that very few people actually count all of their calories on purpose or unintentionally. If we tell you this, it’s because we know from experience that people forget things : The oil when cooking, they do not weigh the vegetables, they do not count the sugar in the coffee, the little square of chocolate here, the piece of bread there, etc … If you want to put all the chances on your side, you must count EVERYTHING and not forget anything :

  • Weight loss is 7 days a week . This therefore means that we do not recommend that you be serious during the week and overindulge on the weekends;

  • Don’t forget the hidden calories : oil, sugar, milk in the coffee…;

  • Before putting food in your mouth, put it in your application ;

  • Be sincere with yourself. If you don’t get in all your snacks and you complain about not losing weight by eating « so little » the real question to ask yourself is: are you really eating « so little » and are you not forgetting anything? ?

The more precise you are, the easier it will be to adapt.

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