Module 5 - Special cases (tca, obesity ...)

More and more people are affected by ATS. The reason ? The quest for the perfect body compared to what you can see on social networks and the fact of comparing yourself to these people. Here there is a strong psychological aspect. That is to say that you will also have to do a real work on yourself to get out of it and sometimes, accept to be helped.

Now I want you to remember that:

  • The Pictures that you see on the networks are probably retouched;

  • These people may have eating disorders but do not communicate about it ;

  • Are they in healthy ? Not necessarily;

  • These people may be taking doping substances (more people than you think take it);

  • These people live for this body : they may not have a job like you, a dependent child, etc…;

  • They probably also have a good genetics.

Now that you take all of these factors into account, Do you understand a little better the point of not comparing yourself to these people? ? You are not on the same starting line as these people. It is as if on our side, we compare ourselves to a professional soccer player. No ! We don’t train like him, nor do we have his talent, the living environment he has alongside and which allows him to perform, etc …

In this module, we will see 5 frequent cases that we often have to deal with in our coaching sessions at Smart Body:

  • Obese people ;

  • People who find it difficult to eat a lot because they are afraid (or for other reasons);

  • Those who eat too little and don’t lose weight ;

  • People who have binge eating attacks ;

  • People with vomiting bulimia.

Each case is different and complex. The goal in this video is to explain to you how, if you are in one of these situations, we will work differently from conventional weight loss.

If you found yourself in this video, you might be disappointed because you won’t be able to lose weight right away . What you need to understand is that if you suffer from eating disorders, losing weight shouldn’t be your priority. Your priority should be to find solutions to manage these TCA. But don’t worry, we’ll see this together.

We often give this example: How do you want to build a house without cement? You can not. It’s the same, without a solid foundation, you won’t be able to lose weight.

Is it serious ? Of course not ! It just pushes your weight loss back a little bit, but it’s only to come back. What you just have to understand is that these are two goals that are a bit opposed, especially if you suffer from binge eating attacks. Is this inevitable and does it mean that you will not lose weight?

No, because it happens that some people lose weight while managing their eating disorders.

Remember, if you can’t see yourself sticking to what you’re currently doing for the long haul, then you’re probably on the wrong track (better if it takes longer).

Once again, it remains to be personalized and a real follow-up may sometimes be necessary for these people.

If you’re in any of these situations and don’t want to talk about it on the band, we understand. In this case, you can go through our email address if you have a question :

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