Module 6 - Mobility & stretching routines

Last module of this program. Here, it does not concern weight loss at all but we have decided with my team to make it available to you a mobility routine and a stretching routine.

A body that moves is a healthy body. In addition to your workouts, we advise you to perform these routines (in addition, it makes you move and therefore burn calories).

Because having an aesthetic body is good, but it is also necessary to be functional and to be able to move correctly. In addition, it will also help you to avoid hurting yourself.

We are at the end of these 6 modules. I hope you can see it more clearly now and that you are ready to start.

Don’t start next week, don’t start after vacation, start now. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, we’re sorry to tell you, but it will never happen. You will always have things in your life that will not allow you to be 100% in the program. That’s good, because that’s not what we want! Our goal is also to make you understand that you don’t have to go to extremes to achieve a physique you like.

We really want you to understand that this is all just a story : new habits, lifestyle, moderation … and that it is up to your diet, your sporting activity to adapt to your lifestyle and not the other way around (so yes, you may have to make compromises but it will be worth it worth).

You don’t have to do things perfectly to get results, you just have to do things the best you can within your constraints.

In addition, behind all this, there is a health aspect and a psychological aspect that we do not wish to neglect. If you are very thin and you like it, are you really in good physiological health? Probably not. If you have a physique that you like but you have binge eating attacks every other day, are you in good psychological health? Probably not.

The goal is to find a balanced just between: physiological, psychological health and your physical well-being. Besides, the 3 are linked because if one of these 3 points is wrong, then there is a good chance that you do not feel well.

These modules are our starting point and lay the foundation for this program. Don’t forget that on top of that , you will have the right to :

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  • The answer to all your questions.

  • And full other surprises which will arrive as and when!