Our history


My name is Alexandre Le Labourier I was obese, anorexic, I also had binge eating attacks. Today, I have helped over 1,500 people overcome eating disorders. Here is my story. Hello, my name is Alexandre Le labourier and I would like to share my story with you and the birth of Smart Body. Before you start, there is one thing you should know: Our mission at Smart Body is to help as many people as possible get out of eating disorders (ADD). It is a mission that today dictates all the decisions in my life. You will find out why ...

The beginning

My story begins in Rennes, in Brittany. I was born into a family without any particularity. I have always been a child who liked to eat well and play video games. Over time, my passion for video games grew and I spent more and more time there until I left school. The days ended at 4 am and I was withdrawing more and more into myself. Then one day… My parents decide to divorce. A difficult period especially since it was not done on good terms.

Dark days

That's when I started to gain weight. I was exactly 10 years old when I started out. Little by little, my weight increased, I ate more and more ... I remember that I reserved myself at each meal, I ate absolutely no vegetables and most importantly, I nibbled all day and all night in front of my PC. I was losing confidence in myself ... I suffered criticism from other students ... In short, I closed in on myself and developed a very strong shyness.

The critical weight

After months of weight gain, I reach the threshold of 106.5 kilos at 13/14 years old. I was diagnosed morbidly obese, the highest stage of obesity. Each appointment with the doctor became a torture because he repeated to me that my health was in danger if I did nothing, that it was imperative that I be on a diet otherwise I risked dying.

The first diet (Fail)

After a while, and because my parents were worried about me, I went to see a dietician ... Results? Absolutely nothing. I had managed to stop gaining weight but nothing was changing about my habits. In my head, I knew I wasn't feeling well, but I couldn't change. I didn't have that famous click that I'll tell you about later.

From plan to plan ...

And then there was 1 diet, 2 diets… I tried to eat only vegetables for 2 weeks to see what it was going to be. 3 days later ... I stopped everything. I remember being deeply sad. On the one hand, I had everyone laughing at me, and on the other, I couldn't lose weight. I didn't have the right method, but I didn't have the strong will to change either.

The click

At the age of 15, I was in second, I had this famous click. After dozens of appointments with the doctor where he advised my mother to take me to the hospital where I did not listen to anything…. I come back from school one evening, and I tell myself that it is time for a change. I call my parents directly and tell them that I agree to go to a hospital for 1 month only. I was desperate that I couldn't do it alone, and with age my will to please grew day by day.


At the beginning of June, I therefore joined a center for young people. There were diabetics, overweight people or people with other food or health concerns. In the end, it looked like a colony except that there were doctors to do health checks and that our diet was adapted to us according to our weight, our size, etc ... There, I lost 1 kilos per week. I would come home on weekends and lose 2 pounds per weekend. In 1 month, I had already lost 12 kilos.

The descent into hell

At the beginning of July, I leave this center to lose weight and I start to be much more strict than what I had been advised. I start to eat almost nothing except: vegetables. I remember that for 6 months I ate absolutely NO starchy foods. Even the sources of protein scared me. Results? I lose 46 kilos in 6 months which leads me to a weight of 60 kilos. So I fall to the limit of anorexia with the desire to be always thinner, to eat even less. At the time, I remember that even I was scared because I could not stop my weight loss for fear of eating “forbidden” foods.

Development of eating disorder

This rapid weight loss clearly led to eating disorders. I only ate 1400 kcal per day, I trained 7 times a week, I no longer ate outside, I refused invitations with my friends ... Even taking my tupperware to Christmas. Behind that, I chained the binge eating attacks, plunging me even more into my personal discomfort. I was stuck. I no longer knew how to get out of it. On the one hand I was afraid to eat certain foods and on the other I had binge eating attacks until I couldn't get up.

Time and a lot of education

Then I trained. Dozens of books read on the estate, hundreds of hours of training, videos ... To finally get out of it. I understood that to have the physique I wanted, I was going to have to eat. But above all, I understood that I wanted to “live” and that by wasting my life like that, I would never do anything. This is the second click for me. Over the months, things got better and better. Obviously, the seizures remained present but the frequency fell more and more. Everything changed the day I discovered the flexible diet and realized that you could eat anything and that the real problem was the quantities. It was a shock for me. After 2 years of training and no change in my performance, I was finally making progress. My libido was starting to show up I was no longer tired for the slightest task I only thought about food My skin was of better quality I was thinking much better and I was able to concentrate more easily So many changes in such a short time that allowed me to tell myself that I was on the right track.

2 years later…

After 2 years on the razor's edge, I'm happy to say that I have recovered from eating disorders. And that's when I decided to get into coaching. I knew my career could be a plus for me. In addition, my passion for fitness was getting bigger and bigger and I wanted to make it my job. At the time, I would have liked to have had someone to support me in these different areas. I don't know if this existed, but I know today with hindsight that very few people are competent in this unfortunately. Because they have the knowledge but not the experience and understanding of having lived it Or that they have experienced it but do not have the skills to follow and help those who suffer from it.
Creation of Smart Body
I created Smart Body in 2017 with the desire to help people lose weight or overcome eating disorders. In the desire to later help hundreds of people gain muscle mass, prepare for bodybuilding competitions etc ... Smart Body was born from all the experience I have had but also hours and hours of learning in order to offer the most complete follow-up and to be able to help people who are suffering. After going through obesity, anorexia and hyperpagic attacks. Today I am able to understand the people who have suffered but also to know how to overcome these diseases.


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From 2017 until today

Then… given the demand, I had to recruit. As you know, we attach particular importance to the availability that we offer to each of our students. Not wanting to reduce the quality of our work, I had to recruit. First 1 coach, then 2, then 3…. We have continued to develop until we are now several dozen full-time coaches on Smart Body. Several dozen coaches sharing the same vision and the same values with the common goal: to help you become the best version of yourself by helping you feel good in your body and in your head. Each coach has a different area of expertise and they have more or less all experienced eating disorders in any way whatsoever: binge eating, anorexia, bulimia or obesity. Our vision at Smart Body is to have only excellent coaches. Coaches combining knowledge, but also benevolence, understanding and experience vis-à-vis eating disorders. The objective is to offer the best possible follow-up and THE solution to people wanting to get out of these eating disorders.

This is just the beginning…

We have been around for 4 years now, but it has only just begun. Smart Body will become the French benchmark for people who want to lose weight without frustration and people wanting to get out of eating disorders. Why become this reference? Every day, more and more people develop eating disorders because of social networks or unscrupulous coaches who are only looking for profit. And to become that benchmark, we need just one person. You. It all starts here.