Anorexia, vomiting bulimia, overeating, obesity… After 4 years of support, we have helped more than 1,500 people to get out of eating disorders.

Coached people
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People Recovered From Eating Behavior Disorders.

Are you in one of these situations?

Do you suffer from anorexia, vomiting bulimia, obesity, binge eating attacks or simply a bad relationship with food?

You think you’ll never get there
to get out of it?

Have you been to see many specialists: dietitian, psychologist, doctor … without having any results?

Have you lost confidence in yourself and cannot live a normal life because of your eating disorders?

We know your problems. This is why we have developed a method that has worked on more than 2000 people.

1: Less control

We know that most people with eating disorders are in constant control and often in extremes: too much sport, too extreme in diet… learn to let go while having more results.

2: No food is prohibited

No food is forbidden! Yes, absolutely none. Our method is based on the unrestricted approach to optimize long-term adherence to the program.

3: regain self-confidence

Body and mind are often linked. By improving your relationship with food and your body, you will regain self-confidence.

4: Live while achieving your goals

You don’t have to stay home to have a body you like. With our method, you will be able to go out with your friends, eat outside without any guilt while progressing.

Coaching is for you if….

You don't feel good about yourself and want to change your life.

You suffer from anorexia, bulimia, obesity, binge eating attacks or simply that you have a bad relationship with food.

You saw several specialists without having results.

You want to regain self-confidence and finally lead a normal life.

You want 100% personalized support from coaches specializing in the management of your problems who have helped more than 2000 people to get by.

Who are we ? :

In a very short time, our team has supported thousands of people in their weight loss.

By dint of collecting successes, Smart Body has become a leader in online sports and nutritional coaching.

Today, the goal of Smart Body is simple: Overcome preconceived ideas and help all people who feel bad about themselves to enjoy life while having a physique that they like.

The strength of this team is also His experience . Most coaches have suffered from eating disorders in the past: Anorexia, overeating, obesity… This allows us today, in addition to having the knowledge, to know the sufferings and the problems of each one.

They trusted us,
and you ?

They talk about it better than us ...

Our support is guaranteed 30 days satisfied or refunded

if you are not satisfied with our support, we will reimburse you in full.

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